Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Flower Bud in Snow

A delicate young bud
longing for warmth
in the depths of an early Spring snow

She shivers and clings
to the promise of Spring
when gentle rains will help her grow

Bathed in sunlight
firmly rooted in soil
a wondrous flower will appear

A proof of life
and strength of will
a sign that Spring is almost here

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Photo by Jen Mandell © 2013. All Rights Reserved.


A world out of rhythm
a world without rhyme
life without purpose
lost in vacuous time

Grasping for footing
while fleeing the past
searching for meaning
in things that don’t last

A stormy darkness reveals
a soul left behind
struggling for answers
the soul cannot find

Yet out of the darkness
a light does emerge
from that deep inner space
where dreams converge

Lending their strength
before fading away
bending to the will
of another new day

© 2013 Jennifer Mandell. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Broken Branch In Winter

In a silent moment’s calm
on a still and somber night
I hear a distant call
a beacon shinning bright

Illuminations of a path
of purpose without doubt
A mind that stands strong
never wavering about

A soul that understands
this weak and lonely life
a broken branch in winter
encircling a world of strife

A life of mere illusion
loudness without sound
a constant stream of motion
left frozen amid the crowd

We are never really one
our paths divergent things
Each on separate journeys
in search of separate springs

Yet in those stormy moments
we reach out and cling on
searching for that solace
that delivers us to dawn

In the chaos of the moment
this heart still beats strong
a broken branch in winter
waiting for spring to come along.

© 2013  Jennifer Mandell.  All rights reserved.