Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Life has a way of spinning around,
of lifting off and crashing down. 
Life can disappoint and life can thrill,
moving fast and then standing still. 

Life is silent and life is loud,
you stand alone amid the crowd. 
Feet planted firm as you tremble and shake,
eyes closed, but fully awake.

Surrounded by darkness,
blinding and bright,
as shadows of grey
obscure the night.

Descending in mist,
engulfing the soul,
nothing remains unsaid,
no secrets to be told.

Life is random moments,
fleeting, exposed, and raw,
passing no final judgments,
no larger meaning to it all.

Life crashes over you,
lie still, close your eyes.
In stillness there is meaning,
at dawn the sun will rise.

With life there is silence,
still waters raging deep,
a collage of random memories,
pictures that we keep.

In truth there are no words
to adequately describe
the sensation of your soul,
when it is awake and alive.

© 2012  Jennifer Mandell.  All rights reserved.

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