Sunday, August 12, 2012


In the darkest of hours
in a world far away
I contemplate life
and size up the day

I recall the times
and people now gone
of scents and of faces
I’ve known all along

Of places imagined
and a world unseen
of words not spoken
and a heart in between

Between what I say
and what I feel
the words are a lie
masking what’s real

Just letters on a page
that is all that I have
words are salvation
words are a salve

Words illuminate
and words do lie
words tell the truth
and allow us to hide

In the darkest of hours
lost to the night
words that have meaning
awaiting daylight

Drowning in noise
that crashes around
a soul that cries out
without a sound

These words that echo
aloud in my head
seeking salvation
as I lay in my bed

I think of a time
now far from view
I think of meaning
and I remember you

In the darkest of hours
a world far from sight
a memory of hope
in the darkest of night

Words are inadequate 
to sum up the day
of people and places
of a world far away

Lost now from view
but not from the heart
a world far away
but never apart

© 2012 by Jennifer Mandell.  All rights reserved.

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